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    In the downloads page there is „Modules” section where all downloads is „In Development”. Where I can found this modules for 1.11.2?


    Hello, Modules are currently unavailable, there is a 1.11.2 version download available below in the “Legacy” section.


    Liskpl means that he cannot find the Modules section for 1.11.2, There use to be Modules you can pick from for 1.11.2, now there not there. I have the sky Module from 1.11.2 that I downloaded a while back…where did the 1.11.2 Modules go?


    You will be able to use the 1.12 version with 1.11 minecraft.


    Modules are once again available, you can download them from the download page.

    If you have any problems feel free to contact me here or on discord.

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